Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good News

This past weekend Anthony and I went to Salt Lake to go to a wedding. It was for Logan Christensen, Anthony's good friend growing up. It was a beautiful day and they are so cute together!
We also went to a lunch to celebrate after wards at the Lion House in Salt Lake. Apparently they have famous rolls, they were delicious!
We also got to stay with Scott and Katie and Luke! It was great to see them, even though it was a short visit. Thank you guys!
On another note, one of my best friends from GA, Kelsey, is visiting this weekend! We have been friends ever since we can remember and I am excited to spend some time with her this week!
We also have a short week this week and a 4 day weekend (because of fourth of July). I am really looking forward to it. On Saturday Anthony and I are planning on going to Idaho Falls to celebrate Independence day. There is a HUGE fireworks show every year... seriously, I have never seen so many fireworks. And if anyone knows my family, thats saying a lot! Haha!
Life is good.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I got a job!

I got a job! (finally... haha)
I am going to be a secretary in the internship office for Agriculture and Life Sciences department on campus. I start training next week and officially start in the fall. But I can work a little bit during the 7 week break which will be nice. Now I don't have to work early morning custodial!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Flood Warning
It has been raining almost everyday for who knows how long... I lost track 15 days ago. Haha! Don't get us wrong, we like the rain... but not this much...

By the way, there really is a flood warning for our area... Idaho is definitely not used to this much rain in the summer. Haha!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Who Knew?

Today I dropped Anthony's brother, Daniel, off at the Idaho Falls airport. He is going to be at basic training for the National Guard in Georgia (lucky). Haha, he is going to be gone for about 6 months and I wish him the best of luck!
After I dropped Daniel off I decided to go change my name on my drivers license. Well, I guess get an Idaho license and change my name. So I walk over to the license administration building and tell them that I need a new license. Then they tell me that I have to take the written part of the driving test again! I thought maybe I could get away with just taking it then, how hard could it be right? However, the nice lady at the counter told me that there are different laws in Idaho because of the snow and such, so she gave me a book and told me to study for little while. I was so sad that along with my other homework, I have to study for a driving test. Haha!
Anthony is so lucky he is a guy.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ice Cream Scooper=Best Friend

This is the best ice cream scooper! It is our new best friend. We got it at Bed Bath and Beyond with our gift cards. If you are looking for a good ice cream scooper or tired of your old one, I highly reccomend this one.