Sunday, December 28, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It has been a while! We both have been pretty busy with the holidays. I hope everyone had a great Christmas! It is nice to be home with everyone. Here's a little update on things that have been happening...
We survived finals! Yay! We left Rexburg Friday night with Daniel and Drew and they dropped me off in Salt Lake to stay the night with Darcy before my flight home in the morning. Then he left for the long journey home... They drove straight home without stopping for sleep (yuck!). They even drove through a snow storm and had a flat tire at 4 in the morning! But made it home safely Sunday afternoon. 
Anthony started work Monday morning at Morgan and Morgan P.A. He is a runner for the branch here in Atlanta. 
Christmas was great! We had Christmas Eve dinner at my parents house and then Christmas day dinner at Anthony's house. It was delicious! 
We must have been pretty good this year too. Because Anthony got a new suit and some more clothes, yay! And I got a camera, and a much needed wedding planner! Anthony got me a beautiful necklace and some comfy slippers, Thanks everyone! 
My family (my mom, dad, Derek, and Darcy) all left for Florida on Saturday morning. It was Darcy's birthday the next day. Happy Birthday Narce! It was nice celebrating with her. 

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finals Week

This week has consisted a lot of this...  and this... and this... 

Monday, December 8, 2008

Island Park

Last Saturday Anthony, Ben, Aubree and I went to Island Park. Ben finished building a house down there and we all went to clean it for a little extra cash. The house was awesome! Anthony was fascinated by its seven full bathrooms! One for every bedroom and an extra one upstairs. It took awhile to clean but it was fun working with everyone. It had a BEAUTIFUL backyard view. There was a lake that was frozen over with mountains towards the back. Neither me nor Anthony have ever walked on a frozen lake before... So we decided to go walk on it. It was so cool! Kinda scary at first, especially when you could hear it cracking, but it was cool! We were out there around sunset so we got some great pictures. The quality isn't very good because we took them from my phone, but its okay. 
Me and Anthony

Anthony "walking on water"