Thursday, August 6, 2009


I just love Georgia! Me and Anthony have had a great time so far... we even decided to extend our stay 2 more weeks! Yay!
Anyways, it has been great being able to see everyone. Here is a picture of us at Kevin and Amy's house with my parents and Amy and Alexander.

My dad also fixed up the wave runner and we went to Lake Lanier during the week. We were actually quite lucky cause it had been raining the entire time we've been home. but it didn't rain that day! Anthony had never been on a wave runner before so it was really fun!
On Saturday we went to Alexander's one year old birthday! It was so cute! You can read more about it here.That night was Natalie's reception (my best friend growing up). We have been friends ever sinse we were three! She was so beautiful and it was so nice to be there to celebrate with her! Here is a picture of Rachel, Me, Natalie, Kelsey, and Kelley. We all grew up with each other.
This past week we were in Orlando with my parents. We went to the beach, Disney World, and to a water park. I'll write about that another time, but thats all for now!