Monday, August 22, 2011

thoughts about law school

About 5 months ago, we were accepted to Mercer Law School in Macon, GA. (Did you catch that "we"? It's true.) So, we packed up our things and moved south to Macon.

School started about 2 weeks ago with an orientation week and introduction week. Today Anthony started his full class load. Wish him luck!

Before we even moved down to Macon we heard so many things about law school. So many not so good things and very little good things. For instance:

"Just plan on not seeing your husband at all the entire first year."
"You will think at some point 'I can't do this!'"
"Everyone in law school are alcoholics. Seriously, they are."
"I know a lot of people who visit home for 3 months while their spouse study's for the bar."
"Law school is hell on relationships."
and my personal favorite...
"Law school sucks, even when your not in it."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to Make a Blog Post

Step one: turn on computer
Step two: open firefox
Step four: log on to blogger
Step five: click "New Post"
Step six: write post and DO NOT GET DISTRACTED with gmail, google reader, facebook, amazon, weather, all recipes, stupid computer games, and (tons of) homework!

Most of you probably thought I forgot how to make a blog post, so I wrote down the instructions to prove to you that I didn't :)

I'll be back soon (I promise)!

Sneak peek on my next post: Darcy's engagement, Anthony's graduation, moving to Georgia, Christmas, trip to California, online classes, our new niece, Anthony's birthday, trip to Orlando, Harry Potter World, Valentine's day, and more... Whew!