Monday, September 24, 2012

We Have a Pet! Wait, What?!

    Yes, we moved apartments. We knew we were going to a long time ago. The apartment we were in before was in historic downtown Macon. So, the house was old. Terrible heating and air conditioning, like $300 a month terrible. I think I ended up calling our landlord about every other week about something that went wrong in our place. Fridge and freezer not working (yeah that was fun), lights went out outside, dryer not working, water leaking in the walls, electrical problems like crazy, door not locking, hot water heater busting, do I need to go on? Yes, I think I do.


     STILL makes me cringe, ew. Every so often I would hear something in the walls in our bedroom. Like an animal roaming around. Gross. I heard workers and the landlord talking about the issue outside our window. Then for days after I heard them working on it. I wasn't too concerned cause it wasn't actually IN our apartment and they were working on the issue. Right?!?
     So summer came, we went to Toronto for a few weeks. And then we returned... Fleas. In our apartment. I was freaking out. And there was a slight smell. I figured it was a dead animal in the wall. Probably the same one that I was hearing in the walls of our bedroom. And probably why we had fleas in our apartment? I didn't really think about it much. And I really didn't want to think about it. So we left. We decided to come back later with the flea carpet powder stuff since it was pretty localized in the laundry room. With the help of my Mom, we treated the carpet and left the apartment alone for a week or so.
    When we returned, there were fleas again! Ah, again I was freaking out. So we ran to walmart to get flea foggers. Again, it was still pretty localized so we set them off and left again. I don't remember how long it was after the next visit, but we came back and... You guessed it!



    Can you believe it?? I almost can't, but I was there so I know it's true. This time they they decided to venture out into the living room! Luckily our apartment didn't have much carpet. Just our bedroom and the laundry room, but we did have a nice rug in the living room. Which apparently became their home. And the smell, remember the one from earlier? Yeah, it had gotten worse. Much worse. But since we couldn't really do anything about it with fleas attacking us... back to the store we went. This time we got twice as many foggers as the label said to use and set them off. Thank goodness this time it worked.
     All during this by the way I was completely paranoid. Seriously. We bought some flea spray that I would spray around everything. all. the. time. And I was constantly inspecting all of my clothes, shoes, blankets, pretty much anything that I came in contact with or could possibly come in contact with that may have a flea on it. gross.
    The last time we came back we were actually there to pack up our stuff to move. So, when all the fleas were gone (finally!) we started packing.


    The smell. We couldn't stand it anymore, Actually, Anthony couldn't stand it. He was the one stuck packing up the living room with the stench. I was happily in the kitchen with the door shut stink free. We knew it was a decomposing animal. Obviously from all the fleas. So he tracked it down and wanna guess where it was? Remember how I thought it was coming from the wall? Good guess, but no. Any other guesses?
    The couch. Poor couch. Poor us. We found out that it was a possum. A very dead and decomposing possum that decided to bury into our couch and die. So this one stupid little animal brought fleas into our apartment, got fleas over everything in out apartment, cost us hours trying to get rid of the fleas, and hours inspecting all of our possessions for fleas, the money of the carpet powder, flea spray, and three times as many foggers and you are instructed to use, ruined our couch, and completely grossed me out.


So this was our pet. Our very unwanted pet.

No wonder why we wanted to move.


Amy Brown said...

Eeewwww! I hope you don't have to go through anything like that again!

Alison Matthews said...

you and me both!

Katie said...

I think I might have died right there with the possum! Gross!!

And FLEAS?? what the heck?

So glad you moved!

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness, this is terrible! I'm so glad you left, and I hope your new place never gives you any "pet" problems! Miss you guys! Glad to see your updating your blog again :)